About Us

A collaboration between writer-actor-producer Sharon Diane King and writer-director-producer Curt Steindler (a partnership 21 years strong!), Blue Pippin Productions puts forth cinema that is engaged with social issues, often from a satirical, darkly comic perspective. The name honors two former muses of the filmmakers: the green iguanas Pippin and Blue.

Sharon Diane King

is a character actor with work in TV and film (Gene Simmons Family Jewels, You Should Meet My Son!) A Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (UCLA), she has worked at the Getty Research Institute and is an associate at UCLA's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Her theatrical troupe Les Enfans Sans Abri has performed short 15th-17th-century comedies since 1989. Currently she is working on a sequel to her parodic novella The Younger Games.


Curt Steindler

is a producer by choice, a writer by necessity, and a director by the vagaries of fortune. An attorney specializing in unlawful detainer as well as new media/internet law, he has made presentations on topics of science fiction and fantasy, copyright, and animal protection issues for numerous professional organizations. With his wife Sharon King, he works for the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network.

What we do

Our first production was the short film Fish Story, a bleakly ironic look at the final moments of a marriage-and of a life-as witnessed by a goldfish, and nearly discovered by a nosy but clueless neighbor. Check it out on IMDB!

Our current short film Plant Life is a tongue-in-cheek mock documentary that tells the story of Greg, an 'average man', and his partner Glen, a ficus benjamina. It examines the controversial relationship of this unique pair from the viewpoint of friends, family, experts, and activists. The film challenges what society considers natural, acceptable, valuable... and reminds us that "True love never stops growing."

Productions in development include a short film about a free-wheeling actor whose roles come back to haunt him and a feature film about a group of hapless individuals seeking the beyond-and not finding it. And still not getting it....

Blue Pippin Productions also plans to co-produce the historical film Marlowe: An Elizabethan Tragedy, an exploration of the life of the gay playwright, a spy for the Queen of England, whose controversial views of religion and politics made him an all-too-easy target for his enemies.

BPP is also developing The Website of Dr. Caligari, a glimpse at consumer(ism)ist society from a German expressionist viewpoint.